Management CPC Home Study

What is it?

As required by both EU and UK regulations operators of goods or passenger vehicles have to be able to demonstrate professional competence. This is most commonly achieved by appointing a transport manager who has successfully passed exams set and administered by CILT on behalf of the Department for Transport.

Exams can be booked and sat without attending one of our training courses for those candidates that wish to do so.

Who is it for?

For those candidates who feel that time to attend a training course may be too much at a premium it is possible to prepare for the exam in your own time by use of our Home Study Packs which are available for either the Road Haulage or Passenger Transport exams.

What does it cost?

Available Home Study Packs:

Road Haulage or Passenger Transport – £170.00 per pack.

Price exempt from VAT and includes carriage and trainer support via telephone or email.

What does it work?

The home study are packs are set out in 30 individual modules containing detailed notes, revision summaries and sample questions in both multiple-choice and case study format, along with an exam preparation booklet containing a sample of each type of exam, all of which is designed to give candidates all of the tools and information required to pass the CILT exams.

It will still be necessary for candidates to complete the exams successfully. 

Get more information on our Management CPC Exams page.

Everyone who is trained by K. R Training will receive support in seeking work in the forklift industry.

So don’t hesitate contact our great team now to find out more about our training programme that will fit around any budget and other work commitments.