Passenger Transport Management CPC Training

What is it?

Our Management CPC training courses are designed to enable candidates to pass the CILT(UK) Level 3 Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers exams required to qualify them to act as transport manager for an operator in the passenger transport industry. Courses and exams are held at regular dates each year.

Who should attend?

Anyone wishing to act as a nominated transport manager for an operator ofpassenger vehicles but also this qualification will benefit other transport staff including supervisors, clerks, etc.

What does it cost?

9 Day Intensive Course  – £1450.00 per person . This price includes tuition fees,  training materials, exam fees and VAT.

What does the course cover?

The course is delivered in 30 individual subject modules using trainer led delivery along with PowerPoint presentations and a comprehensive set of student notes as well as subject-specific reference materials supplied during the course and sample exam questions for each module to give candidates the knowledge and techniques required to pass the exams. 

The total amount of learning time expected to pass this qualification is 141 hours, 72 of which are guided learning hours provided during the 9-day intensive course. The remaining 69 hours must be achieved by candidates by means of home study.

What do the exams involve?

The CILT(UK) Level 3 Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers consists of two examinations, in the following format:

Multi Format Response paper

• 2 hour ‘closed book’ exam, consisting of 40 questions each worth 1 mark

• Multi Format Response papers involve questions from across the entire CPC syllabus

• This exam has a 70% pass mark

• Candidates may take a calculator and a dictionary into this exam, but no other materials

Case Study Assessment paper

• 2 ½ hour ‘open book’ exam, consisting of 3 questions each worth up to 20 marks on these subject areas:

  – Managing Drivers

  – Managing Compliance and Risk

  – Managing Transport Operations

• This exam has a 50% pass mark

• Candidates may take a calculator, a dictionary and the reference materials provided by us into this exam

In order to be awarded the qualification, Learners must successfully pass both papers. Failure to pass either exam will require that only that paper must be re-taken.

Management CPC Training taken with us has these benefits:

• CILT approved training centre 
 • Online exams available
 • Detailed course notes provided
 • Gain a recognised qualification
 • Career progression
 • Greater earning potential

Everyone who is trained by K. R Training will receive support in seeking work in the forklift industry.

So don’t hesitate contact our great team now to find out more about our training programme that will fit around any budget and other work commitments.